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  The company has advanced production equipment, complete set, advanced detection means and technical team, the products are exported to southeast Asia, Europe and America, Australia and other more than 10 regions and more than 60 manufacturers. Company spirit of "refinement, pragmatic" enterprise spirit, adhere to the credibility of development, quality and survival of the business philosophy, in the perfect quality system and strict standards of control, to ensure high quality according to the contract to provide customers with satisfactory products.
       Eternal cooperation, from the sincere trust! Hebei zhongshun carbon co., LTD. Sincerely welcomes people of insight from all walks of life to come to our company for guidance and business negotiation. We will be in line with the core of the "heart customers, integrity-based" philosophy, by comprehensive pursue customer satisfaction as the purpose, always be grateful, a moment of "satisfying customers, moving customers" service spirit, continue to provide you with excellent products and satisfactory service, let us work together for the enterprise to create a better future!

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ADDRESSXiaoping village,LinZhang County,Handan,Hebei Province,south of villange
LANDLINE +86 15833012345 jinglijun139@163.com
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