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Use of graphite electrode


    (1) Ordinary power graphite electrode
    Graphite electrode with current density less than 17A/cm 2 is allowed. It is mainly used in ordinary power electric furnace for steel making, silicon refining and yellow phosphorus refining.
    (2) Graphite electrode with antioxidant coating
    Graphite electrode coated with a protective layer of anti-oxidation (graphite electrode antioxidant). It forms a protective layer that can conduct electricity and withstand high temperature oxidation, reduces electrode consumption (19%~50%), prolongs electrode service life (22%~60%), and reduces electrode energy consumption. The popularization and use of this technology can bring about such economic and social effects:
Graphite electrode unit consumption is less, the production cost has a certain reduction. A steel plant, for example, not the year production level of LF refining furnace 35 root graphite electrode per week, 165 furnace refining processing consumption calculation, using graphite electrode after oxidation technology, can save a year 373 root graphite electrode (153 tons) electrode, a year uhp electrode is 16900 yuan per ton, 2.5857 million yuan can be saved.
    (2) Less electricity consumption of graphite electrode, saving unit steelmaking electricity consumption, saving production costs, energy saving!
    (3) Because the graphite electrode for a few times, less labor and less risk of operating workers, improve the production efficiency.
    (4) Graphite electrode is a high consumption and high pollution products, in a few days to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, has a very important social significance.
    This technology is still in the research and development stage in China, and some domestic manufacturers have started to produce it. In Japan and other developed countries have been more widely used. At present, there are also domestic companies specializing in the import of this antioxidant protection coating.
   (3) High power graphite electrode. Graphite electrode with current density of 18 ~ 25A/cm 2 is allowed. It is mainly used in high-power arc furnace for steelmaking.
    (4) Ultra-high power graphite electrode. Graphite electrodes with current density greater than 25A/cm 2 are permitted. Mainly used for ultra high power steelmaking eaf.

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