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Why is scrap graphite recycled


    The graphite electrode processing process is various, the demand for raw materials is large, and in the actual production, there will be a part of waste, for example, in the production process, the blank fracture, or in other words, physical and chemical indicators are not up to standard, so the graphite electrode will not be put into qualified products, causing waste. Another is the use of steel smelting graphite electrode, furnace or serious oxidation phenomenon, so that the graphite electrode can not continue to use, become a waste.
    1. The capacity of graphite electrode decreases year by year
    The bottom of the graphite electrode industry in 2016, before 2016, graphite electrode prices dropped year by year, has dropped by 5 to 6 years, a large number of close, production, production of graphite electrode manufacturers, annual production capacity of more than 100000 tons of the left side of a big carbon (16.5-175000 tons annual production capacity), the second is jilin carbon (35000 tons/year, the limit capacity of 50000 tons).
    2. Inflection point of graphite electrode industry
    The turning point of the industry was in October 2016, when the government began to eliminate the supply side reform of floor steel, which led to a sharp drop in scrap steel prices, and then led to an inflection point in the comparison of economic benefits between electric furnace steel and bf-converter steel. That is to say, since October 2016, the economic benefits of electric furnace steel have been continuously significantly better than that of converter steel.
    3. Scrap steel - electric furnace steel enters bonus period
    According to the "steel industry adjustment policy (2015 revision) (draft for comments)" issued by the ministry of industry and information technology on March 20, 2015, it is clearly required to "encourage the promotion of short-process steelmaking process and equipment application with scrap steel as raw material. By 2025, China's iron and steel enterprises will have a steel scrap ratio of no less than 30 percent, and the steel scrap processing and distribution system will be basically established."
    In order to achieve this goal, the 13th five-year development plan for scrap steel industry formulated by China iron and steel scrap application association proposes that by 2020, China's steel scrap ratio should double to 20% compared with the 12th five-year plan. In 2016, China's steel scrap ratio was 6 percent, far from the target set by the ministry of industry and information technology and the association.
    In response to China's policy of attaching great importance to resource conservation and environmental protection, the recycling and recycling of graphite electrodes not only saves costs and raw materials, but also is used again in the production of various industries, which responds to the national call and promotes the development of national economy. China's recycling economy related technology, equipment, product trading and recycling industry is growing.

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